Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Strange Fame Recipe

Me being bad at poetry as usual, I just had to enter a poetry competition. They gave the first line. 

I want to play in a band with a crazy name,
To play pretentious songs, philosophically tame,
I want to hear my words play on the radio,
And then laugh as the DJ muffles our name.

I want to write a book on something odd,
To see my name in the big book shop,
I want to make my millions without a fuss,
And watch the public see the title of it and stop.

I want to draw an abstract picture in paint,
To frame it in a gallery to flatter,
I want to see the chins drop low,
As they slowly work out the subject matter.

I’ve never been an artist,
I’ve never been able to write,
I’ve never been a singer,
Able to create and excite. 

But now I’ve found a recipe:
Just take a crazy name,
Add a pinch of weird and strange,
For a little dash of fame.

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