Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Bittersweet Bathtub - (Smut warning!)

“So,” I purred, lying down on the bed beside him. “Do you like my new underwear?” Running my hands over my red satin bra, I rolled onto my side and kissed him. He smiled and I saw his gaze fall from my face to my breasts, the curve of my waist and my new, red thong.

“That’s beautiful…” He whispered, placing his warm hand on my waist and pulling me closer. The candlelight made his pale skin glow, his long, dark hair tickling my neck as he kissed me. Wrapping my leg around his I pushed him onto his back and sat with my legs either side of his waist. I could feel him respond to my touch, and I leant over, kissing him on the collarbone, nipple, hip, groin. Perched between his legs, I ran my fingers gently over it, hard and smooth, and looked up at his face as I held it in my hand.

He began to snore.

Growling, I stood up at the side of the bed. Throwing a pillow at his head, I stormed out of the bedroom door, slamming it behind me.

The bathroom was warm and there were still candles sitting along the window ledge from the night before. Having turned on the hot water for a bath, I lit them, still muttering angrily, and squirted bubble bath in. Screw him, I figured I could have a nice enough night on my own.

Dipping my big toe into the fluffy bubbles, I finally hit the warm water, and edged myself in. The new underwear I’d bought specifically for our little rendezvous sat draped over the radiator, feeling unfulfilled, and I cursed him again as I popped open the tub of face cream and plastered it over my cheeks. Finally I clicked the play on my CD player and placed two slices of cucumber over my eyes. Lying back, I sighed happily and ran my fingers down over my hips to between my legs.

I pressed down gently on my clit and moaned quietly with the intense feeling, the hot water making my skin tingle more. I heard a noise and felt the water splash, and just as I was about to take the cucumber slices away with curiosity, I felt him reach down and caress the inside of my thigh.

“Finally,” I gasped happily, as he pressed something inside me. A finger, maybe? It began to move quickly in and out, something else tickling my clit with a feeling almost like millions of tiny mouths sucking, licking and nibbling softly at my skin.

Something wet touched my nipple, circling it slowly then squeezing tighter as I began to moan loudly. The combination of feelings made pulses of pleasure flow over me, and I was barely aware that my thrashing was throwing waves of water over the sides of the bath. Eventually, I cried out loudly as the feeling intensified, then shuddered as it ebbed away.

“That was amazing, honey...” I murmured, still feeling the sensations as I smiled happily. Something still sat inside me, tight but warm and every movement sent a shiver up my spine. Sitting up slowly, I muttered, “Thank you…” and placed the cucumber slices down on the side of the bath.

But as I blinked away the cucumber, I noticed there was nobody there. “Honey?” I called, and clicked the CD player off, but I could still hear the snoring from the bedroom. If he wasn’t there, then what was still inside me?

Looking down, I saw the mass of tentacles retract quickly back through the plug hole.

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